Как Вы понимаете основные права человека и свободы. Как они наблюдаются в Вашей стране?


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Civil rights and liberties are the highest value in Russia. The Russian Federation guarantees the civil and human rights of the citizents by the principals and rules of international law and the constitution. people are free to vote, to express their ideas and thoughts, everybody has an equal rights and civil liberties irrespective of nationality, language, socal status, attitude to religion and many others. And the state's duty is to observe and protect human rights. the Russian constitution declares general, universal equality before the court and the law.

In my opinion in Russia there are some situations when human rights are infringed. Those people who have a lot of money  sometimes pay money to policies and the courts when they make a crime. I wish our country will be more fair. I believe our society will be better.