Пормогите пожалуйста с грамматикой!

1. You_____________ worn about me. Anyway. you_________ walk miles to find a

telephone that works, (not/must/have to/need)

2 A large reception (organize)__________ for the professor before he arrived.

3.We(go)_________ to the beach tomorrow unless it (rain)______

4.What an / how an amazing sight the Pyramides are!

5. Sarah replied that she (not like}___it at first, but she (really enjoy)___it then

6. We had booked___ accommodation before we went, and we had____ awful

time finding ___room to stay in.

7. We had swim into/ in the sea. After/Afterwards we lay on the beach

8. ________passengers had to get off the plane and ___________identified their luggage (All all of them /--)

9.I remember (to see/seeing)___ a bright light in the sky.

10. If I hadn’t been so tired I (might/must go)________to the party

11. Julie( to be going to buy)____ her ticket to NY next month - she ( save)___enough money by then.

12.Jane has got (loads of/ several of)_______friends.

13. Why (smell)_____that meat ? Do you think(it's off/ is it off)__________?


Ответы и объяснения


2-had organized

3-are going

6-an an a

7-in after

8- - all of them

9-to see