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записать самый серьезный и ответственный проблема наших дней в порядке их важности

это перевод задания


Such as - obesity, anorexia, marriages (types of marriages) itd what else?

The main problem of development - corruption

The most pressing problems of modern society is the corruption of power, poor quality of life (for our country), but the most important thing for me is to replace the moral values of material - this situation is going on in the world ((((((This is very painful - all in the world now think that money can everything and everyone, but Wedboo it is not - UNDERSTAND! Where was your honor and conscience - for our ancestors, these concepts are often cost lives - remember the great days of the Middle Ages - the times of knightly honor! wars era when for the homeland and Friends grenade exploded in his hands, closed their friends and fought to the last!
What is happening now? No one has no idea what the words mean the greatest such as LOVE! CONSCIENCE! HONOR! KINDNESS! no .. nothing like that now and it is destroying our world ....

Waning family institution and comprehensive corruption. Drunkenness and the growing drug addiction.