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                                        fast food restaurants

Fast Food Restaurants (FFD) are popular all over the world . In Britain aiso there are Fast Food Restaurants . the food we eat there is - hamburgers and cheseeburgers, a pie and a milkshake or coke.

 These restaurants are not ordinary ones. there aren't  any waiters . You order you food at the counter and pay for it at the same time . You get your food in bag or a box . There aree no plates , knives , forks or spoons there  .You eat your meal . Then you throw bags and boxes and cups away . 

 FFRs are very popular with young people  . They can eat very quickly there . They can eat whan they want : FFRs are open from 10 a.m. to 12 p. m .

 Some people criticize these restaurants . 

 They say there are not many tables but a lot of people . 

 But is not that because FFRs are popular!