Помогите пожалуйста написать рассказ о каком-либо известном мультфильме... Так, чтобы его было легко узнать, но название фигурировать в тексте не должно!!! Минимум 9 строк.


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the cartoon I am going to describe to you is very popular not only among chidren, but among adults too. It is about the great adventures of four best friends - lion, zebra, giraffe and hippopotamus. One of them runs away from the New Your zoo and other animals try to make him come back. But they are all find themselves on the island where there are no people. Only wild nature. It is very hard for the friends to get used to live in such conditions because they live all their life in civilized world. There are also cool pinguins in the cartoon. It is very funny, totally amazing cartoon about friendship. We should never forget that with friends we can solve any problem.