Напишите пожалуйста эссе на тему "my ideal job" про режиссера ,отдам все что есть)


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Dream Job - this is where I would feel at ease ...
     It is important to know that the place you choose kootroe must account not only for the status, but also for the soul. For example, if your mother sent to medical school, and you're afraid of blood, do not necessarily podchintyatsya.nuzhno compromise ... As in the workplace, the office has a pleasant smell and by fresh vozduh.tak how the brain can not work properly in a poorly ventilated room .. should be decorative details that delight the eye .. and of course the most kollektiv.on glavnyy.esli fun at work, then work hochetsya.i again and again to come back.
   Well, the conclusion which he himself must napisat.naprimer "I will choose a profession I like"