1) Найдите пару антонимов

A) Protect - save

B) Cheap - expensive

C) Wide - vast

D) Splendid - beautiful

E) Enjoy - feel

2) Дополните предложение: в Past Continuous Tense ... your car ... yesterday?

A) is / working

B) was / working

C) did / work

D) did / worked

3) Дополните предложение: в Past Continuous Tense: When he came the children ... on the carpet in the living-room,

A) are playing

B) played

C) were playing

D) is playing

E) was playing

4) Найдите пару антонимов:

A) Skill - solution

B) Dry - wet

C) Repair - restore

D) Theat - solve

E) Habitat - herd

5) Вставьте необходимые предлоги: Tom has visited most countries ... western Europe.

A) at

B) on

C) in

D) from

E) about

6) Выберете лишнее:

A) Carrot

B) Cabbage

C) Cucumber

D) Potato

E) Plum

7) Образуте наречие при помощи суффикса: Correct

A) al

B) ly

C) un

D) able

E) im

8) Найдите пару синонимов:

A) Talk - chat

B) Avoid - remember

C) Delay - miss

D) Walk - run

E) Spread - destroy

9) Найдите пару синонимов:

A) Terrible - awful

B) Small - enormous

C) Destroy - protect

D) Save - spread

E) Crowded - empty

10) Закончите предложение: Smoking is ... for your health.

A) useful

B) useless

C) happy

D) dangerous

E) important

11) Вставьте артикли: We visited ... Canada and ... United States ... last year.

A) - / the / the

B) the / the / the

C) - / the / -

D) the / - /the

E) - / - / -

12) Выберите правильную форму глагола в страдфтельном залоге: This television (to make) in Japan.

A) Make

B) Makes

C) Are made

D) Is make

E) Is made

13) Закончите предложение: To see Grand Canyon you must go to...

A) England

B) Australia

C) Scotland

D) Canada

E) the USA

15) Звкончите предложение: I don't like standing in long...

A) buses

B) lessons

C) queues

D) waitings

E) crowds

16) Найдите слово по дифинации: To break or ruin something completely.

A) To watch

B) To pollute

C) To destroy

D) To miss

E) To rebuild


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Лучший Ответ!

1-b, 2- b, 3- c, 4- b, 5- c, 6- e, 7- b, 8- a, 9- a, 10- d, 11- c, 12- e, 13- e, 15-e, 16- e.