Почему Английский язык такой популярный?
Запишите 3 раскрытых аргумента на 30 предложений.
Можно на русском.


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As you can recall from history, Britain once had a lot of colonies, which included even America. Not surprisingly, nearly all of these countries, English is often considered to be the second official. But that was then, a few centuries ago. And how to deal with this situation now?

Currently, English is the most popular in the world. Why? It is believed that the modern popularization of the language began after the Second World War, when most European nations were destroyed by fascist troops. And here in the United States fighting has taken place, so the country has a lot of support both technically and financially Europeans. This included not only money, but also the delivery of all kinds of machinery. Even the Americans come to Europe to provide all possible assistance, and they not only worked, but also visit bars and other establishments where spread their language.

After the war, it is in the United States began to invent all sorts of techniques that we use now. This includes, for example, a computer or a vacuum cleaner. On the whole, America was and is one of the most progressive countries in terms of new technology, so all the scientific and technical literature there is in English.

But the main reason for the promotion of the language - its widespread use. Wherever you come, will certainly be to communicate with the local people as time in English. In addition, his study is relative easy. And, of course, English - good help in finding employment