Написать небольшой текст на тему:"Мое любимое место в Москве" Не менее 70 слов.Буду благодарна за помощь!


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Sometimes I wonder - how such a place like Alexander Garden can be so peaceful and totally crowded at the same time. How is Alexander Garden, which is located in the busy cultural centre of Moscow near the Red square, able to provide a calm, friendly and so amazing atmosphere? I think it is all depends on the green flowery zone of the garden, where you can sit on the fresh grass and have a rest. I believe that the beauty of nature can heal people. Because just being in such a place makes you feel less depressed and you feel yourself very comfortable. You also can enjoy your meal there, talking with your friends. To my mind, the big plus of Alexander Garden is that you can meet a lot of tourists there. You can improve your English, chatting with foreigners from Britain, Australia, United states and so on. I like to spend my free time in Alexander Garden, enjoying its atmoshere.


Moscow is very beautiful, big and interesting city with very rich history. Moscow-the capital city of Russian Federation.

Moscow has a lot of attractions. This:Kremlin, Red Square, Poklonnaja mountain, St. Basil's Cathedral and etc.

More and more people around the world come to Moscow for watching this sights of Moscow.

In my opinion Moscow is very famous and cult city with interesting and old attractions. If we hadn't Moscow, our world wouldn't be so rich and fantastic!