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Cat's claw
Cats are very clean animals. They wash, lick their wool, not less than ten times a day; their saliva is an effective cleaning agent. Cleanliness is instinctual for all the cat: the cleanliness of the body is required for the hunt, so that the victim could not smell the hiding of a predator. Cats often like to lick their relatives and human, however, the components of their saliva cause some people have allergies. While licking their cats spend approximately the same amount of moisture, as when urinating. Many cats often отрыгивают трихобезоар - wool, accumulated in the stomach as a result of licking. Longhair cats are more susceptible to this than Shorthair. Prevention education трихобезоаров consists in feeding the cats special foods and drugs, contributing to the removal of wool from the stomach through defecation.
All cats bury their feces and urine after defecation. In nature, they opt for this secluded place with soft soil, for example sand. In the apartment building are special trays with a loose filling, performing the role of the toilet. Cat's toilets should be empty and cleaned every day, otherwise they can become a source of toxoplasmosis, which particularly susceptible pregnant women and people with weakened immunity.
Cats always take care of their claws. In normal conditions too long claws стачиваются when climbing on trees and from running, and then the top, the old отмерший stratum corneum is removed from the claw in the form of an empty shell. In captivity cat sharpening his claws on the improvised subjects. In some cases claws in cats should be cut, but it is important not to hurt the slurry - a blood vessel, reaching almost to the tip of the claw[114].


My cat is very beautiful. I often play with him in his favorite ball. it fluffy and large, I love my cat.