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Tale of the beginning of winterIn the evening, a student has stood by the window. Outside, the snow was falling in large flakes. He silently circled in yellow light and carpeted with a thick layer all around: roads, houses, trees. It's millions of small snegrityat gently down from the sky. They were silent, and clung to the handle: it was waiting for them in front of an unknown land, and it is not clear how it will develop the case. Night they stayed still, huddled close to each other: it was a little scary.In the early morning silence is over: roaring snow machines, came wipers with huge brooms. They vigorously cleared roads and trails. Dump trucks and snow removal from the city. Snegrityata not resist, they just sighed sadly: "Not very warmly welcomed us here. Seems we all interfere ..."But came out giggling sun caressed his rays snegrityat and they sparkled, smiled and whispered softly, almost inaudibly. Maybe it's not such a bad thing?Then again they were silent and alert: children came into the yard. Surely these will chase them? But no, they were afraid of no avail: the kids enjoyed their best: "Snow! Snow! Snow!" They ran and rolled in the snow, they tossed up and snegrityata snow swirled in the air again. From such treatment, they again began to shine and rang: kids like them.Meanwhile, the two children, who are pretty snowy, ran to the door, threw back his head and cried, "Ma-ma! Ma-ma!" Snegrityata curious listen, "Who is so loud your name?" On the fifth floor slammed the window, it seemed someone's face. Snegrityata, clinging to the window sill, it looked good - the usual round face, nothing special.- Ma-ma! Delivers our sleds!Face grinned, nodded and disappeared."Mom? - Snegrityata disturbing thought. - Sledge?"Soon a plump woman with the most ordinary person out of the door entrance. She was wearing a jacket draped over colored robe. It made a sled and dry gloves, mittens though about her children do not shout. Kids with joyful squeals sleigh grasped each other and began to roll. Snegrityata deftly creaked under the runners: "Sun-ki, ki-san" - and it was really fun.At the other end of the yard, two kids were standing near a snowbank. One was picked in the snow shovel, the other looked at him with envy and say, "But my dad made me a shovel is even better!" Kid with a shovel snow sprinkled on himself and his companion, and diligently snegrityata rustled, "Daddy, paddle."... Short winter day. So the sun went down. Long gone home kids. Gray and turned blue, the snow was very dark carpet. But the lights were lit and the windows of the houses, they ran through the snow sparkles, rustle snegrityata. "Ma-ma, sledge. Pa-pa, shoulder," - the refrain. Pro sled and shovel them all was clear, but that, "Mom? Dad?" And for some reason, became sadder snegrityatam.