Срочно!!!!!Пожалуйста,напишише сочинение о месте,где хотелось бы жить,200 слов.Должно начинаться так:The place I want to live in....Заранее спасибо:))


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the place I want to live in is outside some big city, for example New York, Paris or London. I always have a dream to live there. On the one hand this place is near the city, where you can go every time you like - to do shopping or go to the cinema or visit famous theatres and museums. But on the other hand you live near the beautiful nature where you breath the fresh air and enjoy the peace and have a rest. I am sure my family will love to live there too, because they don't like the heavy noise of the city.

Everyday we can get up early in the morning and drive to the city. I will go to school and my parents will go to work. And after the busy working day we will have a barbecue party or picnic near  the river or little forest. On the weekends we can go to the city centre to do shopping and enjoy our day out. We also can go to watch the new movies or visit some sport events because my father like football and basketball matches. My mother like literature so she would be pleased to visit some musical, comedy or tradegy in the theatre. And I would like to go to the oceanarium or the circus.

It is the place where I want to live. Now it is just a dream , but one day, I know, this dream will come true.