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My job

My life changed suddenly and very quickly when I went to college.

I have always been dreaming of working in the film industry. I think that the film industry is another life. Today you can be an ordinary man, but tomorrow you will be a super hero who saves the world. A week later you can be in the past or the future. And you needn’t be an actor to feel it. The whole film crew fells deeply into the atmosphere of the film. That’s why I decided to be a sound producer!

I chose a sound engineering course by chance, but I didn’t fail. This is not probably the correct approach to choosing future profession, but I was lucky. Most of my relatives and friends discouraged me arguing that it was not a women`s job, it was a great responsibility, or there wouldn’t be personal life. But I decided to take a risk for the sake of my future life. I would like to be occupied with things I take interest in and just love.

Now I`m in my third year, and I am already working. I am glad being surrounded by creative people who are not similar to each other. Every person is different. And the most important thing is that there is the right to choose. You make only those projects that are interesting for you. You are developing yourself.

When you work at a film, time passes quickly. Sometimes after shooting you cannot find yourself: where you are, what date and day it is and so on...

But the main thing is to enjoy your job!