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-How are you?

-Fine, thank's. I have a great news!

-That sounds interesting...

-I have just bought myself a new modern computer!

-That's great! How does it look like?

- Actually, it's a notebook, so it's not very big and qite light.

- How long have you been using it?

- For about 2 days.

- Does it work like a smart one?

- Of course. I love the way it works.

- Hope you won't be disappointed by this one as soon as by previous one.


Two friends meet each other in the street:
- Hello Steve! Haven't seen you 5 weeks! Where have you been? - asked John
Steve didn't seem so happy to meet John, but he smiled anyway:
- Oh, hi! How are you? ..I see you have been on a diet :) You look nice!
-Thanks!- John didn't understand the joke.
- Well, you know. People who have no financial problems can do everything they want. - answered Steve with proud face.
- I was on a holiday in Bulgaria. Very sweet country.
- Wow. And what is this country-Bulgaria? Haven't heard it before!- John wasn't very smart...
- It is in Europe! Between Romania and Greece!
- Mmm... and what are your impressions?
- I was in the city of Varna. It is near the sea. It is called the sea capital of Bulgaria, and it's one of the most beautiful cities there. I have visited lots of cultural places...
- Hahaha....and you call it "holiday", if you visit stupid museums and galleries whole day and at night you stay in the hotel, watching "dirty" channels, I suppose!- said John with anger in his voice.
- Who told you I was in the hotel at nights?
- Try to guess- ladies, music, dances. Women there are very beautiful, but their husbands....It was very hard to escape from them...
- And what happened?
- First two days where incredible. I have been almost everywhere in Varna.
- And you stayed there only two days?-asked John.
- No, I was there for 2 weeks....
- And what did you do the next one week and five days?
- I was in the hospital with broken hand and leg.- Steve became red...
- Ha ha ha....And why?
- Because I thought everything is like in America- you always can get what you want. But I was wrong.