Нужно написать сочинение о рОботе, который мог бы выполнять 1 работу . например робот-повар , робот-медик , робот-уборщик


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One day, coming from work, my mother brought a large box. Thomas wondered what in it.    - Mom, what's inside? - Asked.    -There is a robot. I gave it back to try out how it works - my mother said.    -Can I play with him?    - I now have no time, I'll be busy working on the house. And you will be the most difficult to deal with it.    -No problem! 'll Somehow understand, - said Thomas, and began to open the box.     The box really lay robot. He was very nice, made of shiny white metal. In the robot's head was square, instead of the eyes inserted bulb. Ears of the robot were not, they were replaced by the antenna. And his mouth was made as a speaker. The body of the robot was square, and from the arms and legs sticking out, which looked like a real person. And in place of a navel button that Thomas and pressed.     Suddenly there was a suspicious hum eyes twinkle light-bulbs, and the robot came to life.     - Hi, - said the astonished Thomas.    -Hello, boy, - said the robot - What's your name?    - Thomas. And you?    - My name is Flash.    -What can you do? - Asked Thomas.    -I cook! Only need to learn to control myself.    -And how to learn this?    -It's easy! Connect the power cord to my computer and program its mission. After that I will fulfill your order.    Yes, this is not the case, and simple. How am I your program?    -But it should study!     This turn of Thomas was not expecting. Hence, the robot has to learn.