Задание 1. Определите, в каком времени Aktive стоит сказуемое: 1. We have brought a lot of berries from the wood. 2. Look! Jane is swimming across the lake. 3. What were they doing at six o’clock yesterday? 4. Have you ever seen the Pyramids? 5. I went to the Caucasus two years ago. Задание 2. Определите, в каком времени Passive стоит сказуемое: 1. Invitations have been sent to all the old pupils to be present at the school’s thirtieth anniversary. 2. All the passengers in the bus were listening to the story of the boy who had been saved from drowning by the quickness of the driver. 3. The work was finished on time. 4. The child is taken care of. 5. This book must be read by every student. Задание 3. Вставьте подходящий модальный глагол (must, may, can, need, to have, to be able to): 1. You … not come to help them tomorrow: the work is done. 2. You … not change the whole text as the beginning is all right. 3. ... you help me now? – I am afraid not: I am in a great hurry. 4. John …not tell us the rules of the games: we know them. 5. ... I return the book to you on Friday? Задание 4. Вставьте модальные глаголы to have to или to be to: 1. “Cheating is a very nasty thing,” said the teacher, “and we … to get rid of it.” 2. They decided that she … to leave them a message every tenth day. 3. You … to learn all the new words for the next lesson. 4. Do you know this man? He … to be our new teacher of history. 5. Who … to go to the library to get the new books? – I was, but I couldn’t because I … to finish some work at the laboratory. Задание 5. Переведите предложения: 1. We were to get there before the others. 2. He cannot go to school today. 3. My sister needn’t write a letter, I’ll phone them. 4. I couldn’t go to the library. 5. You should try to find out all the essential facts connected with his work.


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1)Preset Perfect Tense.2) Present Prograssive Tense.3)Past Progressive. Tense.4)Present Perfect Tense.5)Past Simple Tense.

Задание 2.

1)Present Perfect .2)Past Perfect.3)Past Simple.4)Present Simple.5) Present Simple.

Задание 3.

1)Won`t be able to.2)Needn`t.3)Can.4)haven`t to.5)May.

 Задание 4.

1)Were to.2) will have to.3)will have to.4)will to.5)is to,Was to.

Задание 5.

Мы должны были добраться раньше других. 2. Он не может пойти в школу сегодня. 3.Моей сестре не нужно писать письмо, я позвоню им. 4. Я не смог пойти в библиотеку. 5. Вам следует попытаться выяснить все существенные факты, связанные с его работой.