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On 24th March I and my doughter are flying to Erevan on spring holidays.We will live in our new home.We are staying there for one week.We are going to go for a walk and go to the theatre.We are coming back from our holidays on  1th April.I have got a lot of plans for the rest of summer.First I*m  going to fly to Cambridge .I want see my son and my doughter will study during summer holidays.We are going on different excursions.Then we are going to fly to Spain .I think That it  will be fine.


Когда я вырасту у меня будут большие фабрики и виллы.Но с начала надо учится!И для этого надо домашнее задание на завтра и получить завтра хорошую оценку.Завтра у нас будет 6 уроков значит надо на завтра делать 6 домашних заданий.После этого я буду очень хорошо готовиться к урокам.


When I grow up I will be a big factory and villy.No should learn from the beginning! And to do this homework for tomorrow and get a good otsenku.Zavtra tomorrow we will have 6 classes then have to do tomorrow 6 zadaniy.Posle home that I will very well prepared for the lessons.