Directions: Complete the sentences with will or be going to, as appropriate. Include any words in parentheses.

1. A: Excuse me, waiter! This isn't what I ordered. I ordered a chicken sandwich.
B: Sorry, sir. I__________________take this back and get your sandwich.
A: Thank you.

2. A: Would you like to join Linda and me tomorrow? We _________ visit the natural history museum. B: Sure. I've never been there.

3. A: Where's the mustard?
B: In the refrigerator, on the middle shelf.
A: I've looked there.
B: Okay. I_______find it for you.

4. A: What's all this paint for? (You)______paint your house?
B: No, we_____paint my mother's house.

5. A: Paul, do you want to go with me to the shopping mall?
B: No thanks. I have some things I have to do today. I________wash my car and then clean out the basement.

6. A: Someone needs to take this report to Mr. Day's office right away, but I can't leave my desk.
B: I______do it.
A: Thanks.

7. A: Let’s make something easy for dinner. Got any ideas?
B: I ______make some hamburgers. Why don’t you make a salad?
A: Sounds good.

8. A: Why did you buy so many tomatoes?
B: I_______make a lot of spaghetti sauce.


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1. Will

2. Are going to

3. Will

4. Are going to

5. Am going to

6. Will

7. Will

8. Am going to