срочно помогите написать сочинение my famyli`s meals, члены семьи : я, кошка, папа. план:1. Intro (healthy eat, table manners) 2. Meals


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Every family should have their own traditions, their family holidays. We in the family often remember funny events that have happened to us. These memories fill the home with a warm and cordial atmosphere. We like to spend the holidays home. For us it is above all smiles, laughter, gifts, friends, close friends, with whom you want to meet and socialize. Preparing for a family holiday together and are waiting for them impatiently. All that unites us and brings joy. Holidays are unforgettable events in our family. Family holidays we celebrate at home, in an interesting trip, in nature. Often join us friends of parents whose children have become my friends. I think that is good that the holiday home, which is attended by both adults and children. This evening, children and their parents - a bridge that unites the family.