СРОЧНО!!!!ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!опишите предметы :нож,кровать,камень,ручка,гардероб.ПО АНГЛИЙСКИ!!!


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A Knife is a tool for cutting or a weapon and consists of a flat piece of metal with a sharp edge on the end of a handle.

A bed is a piece of furniture that you lie on when you sleep

Stone is a hard solid substance found in the ground and aoften used for buildng houses

A pen is a long object which you use to write in ink

A wardrobe is a tall cupboard or cabinet in which you can hang your clothes

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нож-sharp metal solid strong,кровать-soft, warm, comfortable, strong and elastic.

камень-Heavy-duty solid,ручка-writing strong convenient,гардероб-roomy comfortable spacious beautiful.