Помогите с сочинением на тему : "Как я провела осенние каникулы..." Я ездила с родственниками на дачу, или просто сидела дома... Помогите, а то завтра сдавать?


Ответы и объяснения


Warm September, more like summer flew by. In late October, when everything finally came into the school rhythm, somehow suddenly come autumn vacation. Without thinking, my parents decided to send us to the whole class in backpacking.
Until we reached the outskirts of the city bus. Backpacks and tents dismantled and moved to the woods. The day was very warm, almost windless. Turning to the side of the road to the forest trail, we roared loudly and in unison marching song.
Autumn forest greeted us wary silence. Usually at this time of the year visitors to the woods a little. Is that wander some avid mushroom hunter. And then the whole crowd, and even a noisy
Short autumn vacation drawing our hearts in unison. We became good friends, sincere, tolerant towards each other.
The last bell rang, and we go to the school yard each to his own life. But autumn forest forever retain our children's dreams.