1.Look at the sky, i think it ... soon. a)will rains b)rains c)is goung to rain. 2.Why don't you ... a picture os us? a) take b)have c)do 3/I was suddenly asked to ... a speech. a) take b)make c) do 4. She is never satisfied with her work, ...? a) isn't she b) is she c) doesn't she 5. The shop will be closed ... two weeks. a)since b) about c) for 6. The man .. I saw was very angry. a) that b) which c) whose 7. When i came back a new metro station ... a) is built b) had built c) was being built. 8. I didn't ... that he wouild tell me a lie. a) await b) wait c) expect 9. Can you make your son ... more agreeable? a) be b) to be c) being 10. ... the end , he agreed with his mother. a) at b) in c) on


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