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Many professions in the world. They are different, many-sided. Every need, every people need. And each can be protected in their own way. Sometimes a person wants to be an actor, singer, artist, and becomes operational, teacher or journalist. But this does not mean that he gave up his dream. It can be also an amateur actor, to keep the love for singing or drawing, as well as improve it.My mother, a wonderful job, it is necessary and scientists and workers. My mother - a librarian and bibliographer. She worked in the library of one of the companies, and is now working in the information service of one of the factories of the country for 23 years. She loves her profession. It is a work full of books.Not being able to work with a book, the student will write good essays, the worker did not pass the exam on the discharge, the engineer will not be able to develop a new design of the machine, the scientist would not be able to work on the necessary challenge. For a scientist to the huge flow of information to find the pearl of the required material. All of this is able to carry out my mom. It holds the required search information for scientists, helping in the development of new designs of Refrigeration.Some faint idea of an engineer in information activities. My mother looks at a large flow of information, choosing the bits right material, it complements the catalogs on the subject of business, monitors their completion, and organizes them.Mom carries information search on a particular subject, necessary for the operation, the most important. This means view information sources (multiple titles) for 20, 30, sometimes 50 years, get out of this number of the most relevant. After that, the selected material is assembled in sections, systematized in alphabetical order, and then published and distributed around the country to businesses that deal with related issues.Mom also helps inventors. In addition, it is patent engineer. It shall be free to choose the patent issue material (copyright certificates and patents) in different countries.I love my mom, and I like it interesting and necessary people to the profession.

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