3 предложения отрицательные(презент симпл )3 предложения вопросительные(презент симпл)3 предложения положительные(презент симпл)


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I don't want to go to the cinema today

We don't know Kazakh language

She doesn't work today

Do you know who is the prezident of Turkey?

Does she know that today we visit her?

Does he have any plans today?

I usually have lunch at 2 o'clock

She never talkes about sport with girls

He sometimes play a guitar with he's friends



1. I get up at seven o'clock every day.

 2.I have breakfast at half past 7.

 3Every morning I do my morning execises.

1 Do I do my morning execises  every day?

2 Have I  breakfast at half past 7?

3 When do I get up every day?

1 I don't have breakfast at half past 7.

2 I don't get up at 7 o'clock  on Sundays.

3 I don't do my morning execises every day