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Ruby and Garnet are ten-year-old identical twins who do everything together, even more so now since their mother mother died three years earlier. Their "double act" certainly troubles and even spooks Rose, the new woman in their dad's, life.

Garnet and I have this special language. We've got heaps of made-up words for things. Sometimes we don't use words at all, just signs and gestures. We can communicate just by widening our eyes or putting out heads slightly to one side. Sometimes we just signal each other to both start a pretend coughing fit or to sneeze simultaneously or to shriek with manic laughter.
Rose, my father's girlfriend, isn't used to this. She thinks it's spooky. This happened recently one day we were in the car with my dad and Rose.
"Pack it in," dad said. I glanced at Garnet.
"Pack in what, dad?" we said simultaneously.
"Less of the cheek," dad said, taking one hand off the steering wheel and swatting at us.
"How do they do that?" Rose asked.
"How do we do what?" we asked.
"Stop it! You're giving me the creeps. Can you really read each other's thoughts?" she asked, shivering.
"Of course they can't," dad said.
"Then how can they say the same thing at the same time in that weird way?" Rose asked, peering at us.
"I don't know," dad said, shrugging,
"But we know," we said, and we raised our eyebrows and made our eyes glitter in a mysterious and mystic manner.


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The main idea of this text is 2 brothers can understand their thoughts, feelings and everything like that by different gestures. I think, they did it because they have lost their mother, and couldn't tell their feelings to other people, even father.