Напишите,пожалуйста, Opinion Compasition на тему Школьная Униформа( 4 абзаца,200-250 слов)


Ответы и объяснения


  The use of school uniforms is a topic of hot debate among parents and school administrators. Some argue the benefits of school uniforms, while others believe that the downsides are far more numerous. 

  School uniforms are a great way to maintain the level of social equality amongst the students of public schools. . It makes kids treat each other equally; not judging by what clothes they wear.School uniforms may significantly reduce peer pressure. With students not having to worry about their looks, fitting in not longer becomes the main worry in kid's lives. School uniforms may also provide a way out for poor children who otherwise couldn't keep up with the trends and would face ridicule or pressure from other children.

  Self expression and individuality is important to a child's development. Wearing school uniforms may teach children that is good to conform to standards, even if you don't agree with them. It also sends the child a mixed message, as the real world does not allow for safe options such as wearing a uniform.

  As for me, I am against school uniforms,school uniforms may hinder self expression through clothing, forcing children to find other ways to put across who they are.