Помогите написать маленький художественный рассказ о любимом животном!(МОЖНО ДИКОМ:Орёл...)


Ответы и объяснения


Wolves - some of the most loyal pets, they are strongly attached to the pack-mates. They express their feelings with facial expressions and gestures. "Wolf's language" rallies pack and helps her act together. In a flood of tenderness wolves lick each other and rub their faces. The tail of the wolf and need to express their feelings. If the tail is bullied and the tip slightly curved, it means that the wolf is quite sure of himself. In a friendly mood wolf tail is omitted, but the tip of it looking up. Wolf with tail between its legs, or is afraid of something, or so says its liking. Muzzle wolves are very expressive. Frightened, the wolf presses ears and depicts a smile. Enraged Wolf its teeth, and standing erect ears deploys forward. Sensing danger, he devotes his ears back, oskalivaetsya and sticks out his tongue. Comrades understand how to behave in order to maintain peace in the pack.