Replace the Infinitives in brackets with the Present, Past, Future
Indefinite Active or the Present, Past, Future Continuous Active:1. I(to meet) him when he (to go) to the railway station. 2. What you (to read) when I (to come in)? 3. He usually (to come) to the of­fice at 8. 4. They (to watch) a new film on TV now. 5. I ( to do) this work instead of him tomorrow. 6. I (to do) it at 5 tomorrow. 7. Do you understand what he (to speak) about? 8. They (to leave) for Lon­don tonight. 9. It (to rain) all day yesterday. 10. I (to study) English from 10 till 12 tomorrow. 11. They (to live) in Saratov two years ago. 12. I (to see) him next week.


Ответы и объяснения


I met him when hw was going to the railway station. WHat were you reading when i came in? He usually comes to the office at 8 .the are watching a new film on tv now. i will do this work instead of him tomorrow. i will do it at 5 tomorrow. Do you understand what he was speaking about? They are going to leave for London tonight . It was raining all day yesterday. i wll be studiing english from 100 till 12 tomorrow. THey lived in Saratov 2 years ago. I will see him next week