Напишите пожалуйста сочинени про семью 8-10 предложений на английсом.


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I love all native. But a favourite man is in family - it my
mother. My mother is most beautiful and kind. I love a mother for that she prepares very deliciously, helps me in everything. I tell all secrets a mother.
My favourite holiday in family is New Year. I love him for that he
very merry and bright. In new-year night we by all family make merry. We sing songs,
we dance, participate in competitions, arrange without the risk of loss lotteries, give gifts to each other. And when we lie down to sleep, Santa Claus comes to us, and brings gifts to me. My house is though small, but very comfortable. In him always cleanly and light.
I very love him. To me very in him well. Now we got a two room apartment. Now I will have the room. I want, that she was warm and most beautiful. I will watch in her after an order. While I I do not gather to get married. But I want, that my family was friendly, that all respected each other and loved.


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My name is... . I have a family. My mother call... and father... . To the father... years, and to mother... years. We live in... . My mother very beautiful, and she very much likes to cook. My father very clever, he very well knows mathematics. I am an excellent student, I go to school. (Ты мне так и не сказал про семью,все что получилось!)