Напишите пожалуйста пересказ про группу "Nervana" на анг.языке, что она сделала для мира и т.д, но только чтобы можно было легко выуччить!!рассказ небольше чем пол станички A4 формата!! Пожалуйста помогите!!!даю почти все свои пункты!


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Nirvana is for us something more than just an unhealthy cult of death that befell the vocalist of the group. The contradictions between their punk ethics and mass popularity, among them the legendary longing and the unbelievable success did Nirvana main rock phenomenon of our age.

August 1991. A week later, on Friday, Nirvana will play in the number of other groups at the festival in Redding, in a month will be released "Nevermind", and in another few months Nirvana will be proclaimed the greatest rock band in the world.

And as long as they come on tour in Ireland, and NME journalist Keith Cameron sets the curt question, not whether he believes that people relate to rock ' n ' roll too seriously. "Too seriously, " says Cobain. - People lay on the rock ' n ' roll too high hopes. They hope that it can be used for political purposes, but in reality, rock-n-roll must be no more than background music". "So you want to say, that never gave rock ' n ' roll so much value?" - insist on their kit. "Well, actually, the music completely changed my life, " is softened by Kurt. - Punk rock so widely opened my eyes to the world, that I just couldn't believe it. If he is not, do not know whether I ever remember that I am separate, independent person. In General, rock music is a terribly important thing. Just the fact is, " he laughs, " that the people inflate its importance to enormous proportions".