помогите пожалуйста поставить глаголы в правильные времена.............: After a lovely walk in Christchurch Park, we were on our way home when suddenly my boys (remember) :" What about going to Santa's Grotto, Mum? ". I (hope) they would forget, I (be) so tired. " But you promised, " they (insist) . I was surprised at their enthusiasm. They seemed quite big boys to me. Nick (be) eight, Fyodor (be) seven. As for baby Ivan, his opinion (remain) unknown, as he (be) only eleven months old. A promise is a promise , so I (go) to the shopping mall. Santa's Grotto was on the second floor, on the left. A few days carlier, I (ask) a sales assistant what was requited no get into Santa's Grotto. It turned out, nothing. We just (come) and (join) the queve. Finally, it was our tam to see Santa . Suddenly I heard Nick (read) loodly and distinnly: " Please do not forget to purсhase a ticket ." What ticket? I couldn't believe it. I (start) pirsthing our there (be) not time , and we just (go) in. We (look) around. In the halflight,we (see) owaete. They (nod) their heads and their reindeer (get) ready for a ride. All was covered with glittering snow. In the middle of the Grotto I saw Santa who was narrounded by becomes with presents . But, oh no! The tickets : We have none! Santa (talk) to a small girl, asking her gently about bet interests , and then (give) her a present. It (be) our turn to talk with Santa. I (feel) so ashamed, I (want) to disappear. Why I (come) have without the tickets? Why I (waste) Santa's time? I (whisper) to the boys : " You (get) your presents on Russian Christmas, on the seventh of January." They (look) miserable. Santa was about to start a conversation with them when I (whisper) his ear: " I (be) awfully sorry, but we (have) no tickets. They (get) their presents on Russian christmas, the seventh of January. " Santa (be) surprised. (Be) the boys in front of him Russian? Yes, they be. ( Be ) all of them mine? Of course, they (be) mine. He (ask) them a few simple questions with such genuine interest that they. (melt ) and ( tell) Santa about everything. Them their eyes (sparkle) their cheeks (glow) in delight. What an amazing person Santa was: Santa (ask) me about Russian Christmas. I (explain) that we (celebrate) by the Julian calendar. Santa (nod) understandingly. Them to me astonishment. Santa (give) each of the boys a present, wrapped in beautiful colourful paper. The baby (grad) his present quickly and ( hold) it tight. I ( be) speechless. I ( can not) say a word. Such kind eyes (look) at me through the spectacles, and such a gentle voice (say) :" After all, it's Christmas." We ( leave) the Grotto and (btink) in the bright clghr of cotside. Snddenly it (occur) to me that I (can) say them. The cashier (receive) the payment indifferently, but it (not matter). We (see) just Santa and that was all that mastered. " If anyoce ever (say) that Santa ( not exist) . I said My boys (look) at me so happfly that I (not finish) the sentence.


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1) remembered

2) hoped

3) was

4) insisted

5) was

6) was

7) remained

8) was

9) went

10) had asked

11) came

12) joined

13) reading

14) started

15) was

16) went

17) looked

18) saw

19) were nodding

20) was getting

21) talked

22) gave

23) was

24) felt

25) wanted

26) have come

27) will waste

28) whispered

29) will get

30) looked

31) whispered

32) am

33) have

34) will get

35) was

36) were

37) were

38) were

39) asked

40) melted

41) told

42) sparkled

43) glowed

44) asked

45) explained

46) celebrated

47) nodded

48) gave

49) grabbed

50) held

51) was

52) couldn't

53) looked

54) said

55) left

56) blinked

57) occured

58) could

59) received

60) didn't matter

61) saw

62) say

63) doesn't exist

64) looked

65) did not