A letter 1.

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Jack who writes:

... At school we are carrying out an article " We want to have our town clean". How can we stop people from littering? Do you have the same problems in your town?....

.... Ecology is an interesting topic for the discussion, isn't it?....

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hello, Jack. yes echology is amazing topic to talk. We have big problems with echology in my town. The main problem is that people are very lazy. They are too lazy to through their trush into trash bins cause they are too far. So i think that the minister of our town must make some punishments for people that brake the rukes and through the trash on the floor . and one more problem is the amount of the cars . Its too much cars now in our city. Their must be some restrictions. And i think that we can make some days for echology. Like the day when everyone must plant a tree . i hope that together we will solve this problem.