Сочинение по английскому на тему: "My future job" (май фьючи джоб) (моя будущая работа)


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I often think about my future. Of course, what happen in the future only God knows, but I can plan it. I want to go to Ukraine. To know Ukrainian my grandpa will teach me to it this summer. Also I would like to become an Olympic champion. But to do it I must train more. In future I wish to be a strong and clever person. I want to know 3 or maybe 4 languages.

I think about my future job but it is obscure now. Probably I will become diplomat, translator or teacher, but be a teacher is inpossible for me, because I am not very patient. Also I'd like to build a plant for production of cheese or build a bank.

It seems to me that it doesn't really matter whether you work or what salary you get, the more important is what person are you!


There are many different professions in the world. After finishing school I am going to enter Theatre School. It seems to me that it's my vocation. I like to be on stage. You need to cultivate on your abilities, your emotions to take audience believe you. The most important thing for an actor is recognition of people. I want people to be recognized. I thing I would have been out of a good actress. I like to change. On stage you can do anything. You can be rich and poor, a criminal or a hero. As in real life, you are a man with some sort of a certain character.