ПОМОГИТЕ МНЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК! ЗАДАНИЯ... Robbi новичок ПОМОГИТЕ МНЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК! ЗАДАНИЯ ТАКОЕ. big-bigger-(the)biggest happy-happier-(the)happiest tall-taller-(the)-tallest cold-colder-(the)-coldest nice-nicer-(the)-nicest kind-kinder-(the)-kindest slim--slimmer-(the)-slimmest large-largest-(the)-largest hot-hotter-(the)-hottest ПОМОГИТЕ НАДО СОСТАВИТЬ 10 ПРЕДЛЖЕНИ


Ответы и объяснения


1. This Skyscraper is the biggest in the city
2. I became happier when I heard the news
3. Paul is the tallest boy in our class, he is taller than Andrey
4. It was the coldest winter, it was colder than previous
5. My new teacher is the kindest man in our school
6. Our park is the nicest of all parks in the town
7. Gorky Park is larger that Vorotsovskiy Park
8. My brother is slimmer than me
9. My mother made the hottest coffee I have ever drunk