напишите сочинение по англискому 150 слов на тему "плюсы и недостатки телевизора". испульзуйте on the one hand/one the other hand/howewer


Ответы и объяснения


The television plays a big role in our life. You can see the TV-set almost in every family. But do we need it? What advantages and disadvdntages it gives to us. Now we try to understend.

Firsly, TV makes you and your kids lazy, it weaken your metabolism, get you fat and slow your motor reflexes. So that people have a nice chances to die in a fight. Howewer, our life is valuble gift. Whe shold care about it.

On the other hand, there are other intelligent TV shows and channels for people who want to be mentally stimulated. But this people should know when to stop.

So, "Pros and cons of television" is a difficult theme, which doesn't have only one answer. Everyone should decide it to himself.

Возможны ошибки. Глубже проверять не было сил и времени, извините.