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LOS and musk
A long time ago, so long ago that only a tale to tell, met moose and musk deer. Big and small asks:
- Hey, what do you sort-of the tribe?
- I kind of deer, musk deer call me.
- I kind of deer! - Surprised elk. - Are we related? I - a giant, and you - a dwarf.
- It's true - agreed musk - but only on the skin of your enormous hairs no more than my little girl.
- It can not be! - Angry moose. - Come on, let's count.
They began to count the hairs, and it turned out that the musk deer for five more hairs.
- I have more! I have more! - Jumped for joy a little musk.
Los terribly angry. He was big and used to always and everywhere be the first. He struck musk severe acute hoof, but musk deer jumped to the side, and she had to hoof elk on the tail.
In those fabulous times each animal was a big bushy tail. It is only then they porasteryali its beauty. Musk deer tail lost in the day when the elk argue. The tail was her only adornment, because even the musk deer antlers are not growing.
Having lost the tail, ran from musk deer elk away, but he caught up with her, but hit.
Musk deer, though small, but shifty. Elk hoof slipped on the shoulder.
Since then, all kabarozhek no tail and withers above split.


There was the grandfather and grandmother.

And they lived not alone,but with his grandson Vanka.

And once went Ivan in the forest,

In the woods right between the eyes had met a Wolf.

And the Wolf, and says Vanka,

       -Who are you and what's in my woods doing


 And Ivan meets the Wolf,


      -I came to collect mushrooms,


      -For my grandparents.


 Go away from my wood otherwise I'll eat you said-to him Wolf


 And suddenly the Wolf grabbed Vanya teeth,eat wanted to,

But they do not have here the grandmother with the grandfather,

And they drove out of the Wolf in the forest,and they went home.

And they lived happily ever after.