сочинение о какой либо стране на английском 5-7 предложений


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The United States of America (the USA) is one of the greatest countries in the world. It is situated on the North America continent and is washed by two oceans: the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. The USA boarders with only two countries — Canada and Mexico.

This great country has a lot of mountains, rivers and lakes. The main mountains of the USA are the Appalachian Mountains and the Cordilleras. Among the longest rivers there are the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Ohio, the Columbia and the Colorado.

The climate of the country is different in different parts of the country. In the southern part it is subtropical and continental and in the North it is arctic with very cold weather in winter.

America has fifty states and one independent District of Columbia where the capital of the country is situated. The capital of the USA is Washington D.C. It stands on the Potomac River in the eastern part of the country.

The main cities of this country are located at the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. New-York is the largest city of the country in population. Other large cities are Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

The USA is a country with a highly developed economy, good industry and agriculture. The main industrial centres are Chicago and Detroit, with their greatest automobile company "General Motors".

There are many farms in the USA (in Taxes for example) with various agricultural products like grains, fruit and vegetables. Numerous fields are located especially in the South.

The USA is a country with many interesting customs, traditions and holidays. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world.

Перевод некоторых слов:

the USA – США; The United States of America – Соединенные Штаты Америки; the North America – Северная Америка; the Pacific Ocean – Тихий Океан; the Atlantic Ocean – Атлантический Океан; to boarder with – граничить с; the Appalachian Mountains – горы Аппалачи; the Cordilleras – горы Кордильеры; the Mississippi – река Миссисипи; the Missouri – река Миссури; the Ohio – река Огайо; the Columbia - река Колумбия; the Colorado – река Колорадо; the southern part – южная часть; subtropical – субтропический; continental – континентальный; arctic – арктический; a state – штат; independent District of Columbia – независимый округ Колумбия; the Potomac River – река Потомак; a coast – побережье; Boston - Бостон; Chicago - Чикаго; Philadelphia - Филадельфия; Detroit - Детройт; San Francisco – Сан-Франциско; Los Angeles – Лос-Анджелис; Atlanta - Атланта; highly developed economy – высоко развитая экономика; good industry – хорошая промышленность; agriculture – сельское хозяйство; a custom – обычай