Раскройте скобки в нужном времени

1.I (to give) her some chocolate when I met her.

2.Tho days ago I (to take) my books back to the library.

3.Last night I(to sleep) at a friend"s house.

4.He (not to feel) very yesterday.

5.She (to have) only a toast for her breakfast yesterday.6.My sister(to go) to France lst year.7.She(to read) a lot when she was a child.8.They (to talk) to us tomorrow.9.He(to help) write a letter in English after lunch.10.I(to get up) at six o"clock tomorrow.11.Next Sunday they (to go) to the park.12.She(to help) us, but not to-day.13.My mother(to come) to see us next summer.14.She(to go) to the cinema with us after work.


Ответы и объяснения


1. shall give

2. took

3. slept

4. didn`t feel

5. had

6. will go

7. read

8. will talk

9. will help

10. get up

11. will go


12. will help

13. will come

14. will go