Всем привет! Снова нужна ваша помощь, ребята!

Напишите про ваш лучший день, используя этот план:

-to go picnicking

-to enjoy(being in the open air, staying in the museum)

-not to mind(helping each other)

-to have a wonderful time(playing, eating)

-to go (boating, fishing)

-to love (singing, dancing)


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  • saraa
  • середнячок

The best day of my life would look something like this. I would go picnicking with a few of my best friends. We would enjoy staying in the open air and wouldn't mind helping each other with cooking and preparations. We would have a wonderful time eating, playing and laughing. Also we would go fishing on a boat and then roast that fish on an open fire and share it. Me and my friends all love singing and dancing so we would dance around abonfire all night and sing our favorite songs.