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1) Exploring her family's past, Frances discovered that history does s

1) Exploring her family's past, Frances discovered that history does sometimes repeat itself — it's surprising what can be unknowingly handed down through a family. "I set out to find out about my family. But not having known about their history, or even who they were until I started out, I was surprised to find out about some of the connections we had. They did things the way I do them. Somehow we were a mirror of each other's lives. And that was the really exciting thing. What I discovered did actually give me a sense of knowing who I was. It's somehow comforting to know that it's all been done before and that you are truly your great grandfather's great granddaughter! It's a bit like saying you know that you are like your parents. So it turns out I did exactly what my great grandfather did. I started a football team and encouraged the lads to build it up from there. It's quite a coincidence because it's just what he did."
2)"If you can find out which of your ancestors lived through a particular era, you'll find the history of that time really comes alive," says John. "You've got an immediate connection between members of your family going back, and the events that were happening at the time. I've managed to find a paper trail for my family back to about 1603. I feel I have a direct connection with that period. Knowing some details about my family from that time, like where they were living, makes that period come alive, especially when I've actually visited some of the places they lived. And not only do you get a real sense of history when you set foot on a place where things have happened historically, but you also have that direct personal connection with it. It takes you back in time. It transports you to a different era."
3) Gary's curiosity about his family led him to discovering a lot of fascinating information in his grandmother's house. "People did more personal things, like send postcards. I've discovered a lot of postcards in my grandmother's house, all with these wonderful little messages on the back. It's all part of the family research. You know... your family research isn't just clicking on the internet and looking for the statistics to see just who lived where and when. It involves researching newspapers, old boxes and even drawers! If only you could see the boxes and drawers I've looked through in years that I've visited my grandmother's house! She seems to have put everything into a box or drawer. And at the bottom there is often a photograph which if I simply ask, "Who's that?" she responds "Oh, that: Uncle Tim," and soon I am getting a complete story from that. I've been lucky because my grandmother has saved so much of our history.
4) The birth of new children in a family causes many people, like Madeline, to think back to previous generations. "When my first son was born... we were given one of those books where you put the first lock of hair, and first photograph and all those sorts of things. There was also a section for filling in your family history. I realised straight away we didn't know who my grandfather was. I was fascinated to find out where he came from, and who he was, which started my favourite pastime. I've been doing this now for over 35 years. It sparked in me the ... the desire to find out as much as I could about the family. I think it adds to your identity. It gives you a sense of who you are and where you've come from. It puts you in context. Particularly these days when there's a lot of divorce and family break-up... it's perhaps even more important now than it once was.
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1)What thing was really exciting in time the discovery?

2)Why need visiting the historical places?

3)Has narrator been lucky?

4)How may give the information about your parents?

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