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There are  a lot of different kinds of music: fork, jazz, rock, pop, rap, classical. Music can be old and modern. Musci can be Russian and foreign.  People listen to different kinds of music. Old people prefer jazz , classical, old music. Teenages prefer to listen to modern  heavy music. Girls prefer listening to pop music. Boys prefer rap and rock. Tastes differ. 

I am  a happy person. There are a lot of things in the world which can make me happy - sweets, good film or book, my friends, my family, sport and so on.One of these things  which really makes me feel happy is music. After listening music I feel very energetic and full of strength. I like different kinds of music. I like slow and quick music. I like sad and merry music. I like pop and rock music. Everything depends on my mood.The essence of my life is music. I bought even a mobile telephone with mp3 player, because when I go by bus or even while I am walking to the school I listen  to music. Music is my life. This is the things which make me happy every minute of the day. Music helps me to forget all my problems.  In conclusion I want to say  that  the things that make me  also happy are my real friends and my family. I am happy with them and they are happy with me, because when we spend our time together all of us are feeling great.

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