Напишіть діалог про спорт на англійській мові будь-ласка...

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Hello, Sasha!

Oh, Galya, hi! The workout hasty?

I did not expect you to meet the sports school! You seem never interested in sports.

Yes, I liked to spend time in front of a monitor. But recently I looked up from virtual games!

Who inspired you to do?

Our fizruk. Dmitry. He proposed to me after class to come to his section, do light Atletico!

You are, therefore, well-run?

Yes, I'm very smart about running for short distances.

And for long?

Yet still no ... Tired quickly. We train endurance. I used to not pay attention to it.

Good thing you're interested in finally exercise. I'm not a sports divorce, you know!

Yes, Galya, me know. You like girls' sports!

Indeed, us guys do not go! Today we do exercises with myachykom, bend as soon as possible! And you join us! Will the first in school hudodnim gymnast!

I imagine myself on the head with Gulko and glamorous tights! No, I like jogging track! Well. long, gymnast!

Bye, Sasha! See me, not throws a workout!

Do not wait! Good luck to you!

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