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Every year our country celebrates another peaceful spring, but times, front wounds and disease are inexorable. Out of every 100 winners were still alive today, only two of them. And this makes us sad statistics, all those born after the victory, with a special honor, caring and attentive to every veteran of World War II. Each year these days is declared a minute of silence, heard three shots of the military salute, and all of us at this moment thinking about her, and in fact - about the same: mental recall of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers, who on the battlefield gave their lives for victory , for the sake of our lives and our future.

The memory of the ancestors - not only historical, but also the direct representatives of our families - of the richness of our soul. After all that we now lived and were such as we are, many people created a generation of our society, making life as we see it. Yes, and in ourselves - a direct continuation of the moral, cultural and historical values of their grandfathers and great grandfathers. The memory of the departed is sacred: "Under every gravestone - world history" - the words of Heinrich Heine. The heroism of the soldiers of World War II ... We can not know all the names, but what in the name of it? The fact that these people accomplished the, needs no comment.

Even without knowing the names we remember them with a kind word, and not coincidentally the largest number of colors - evidence of people's memory and admiration - it was at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. And the eternal flame burns, confirming: "Your name is - is unknown, your deed - is immortal!" They did not fight for their own well-being, fought for the freedom of the homeland, fighting for the independence of the people. That's why they are immortal. A man is alive as long as remember him.

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