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Answer the questions:

1.What aspect of the language do you like most of all - grammar, vocabulary or phonetics?

2.What aspect of the language is most difficult for you - grammar, vocabulary or phonetics? Наиболее трудным аспектом для меня является грамматика
3.Do you know any mysterious stories about the UFO?
4.Are all the islands in the India Ocean inhabited now?
5.What is the name of the principal's deputy?
6.When do women retire in our country?
7.Do you know any traditions related to Nauryz?
8.What do you think is the most important milestone in the history of our country?
9.Can you draw a pattern of a new car?
10.When are you going to celebrate the anniversary of your school?


Ответы и объяснения


1.Vocabulary - is the most interesting aspect of all.

2.Grammar is the most dificult aspect in languages.

3.It is said that more than 50 years ago, a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. What people thought were alien bodies were recovered. However, since the crash, there has been a huge controversy. The police say that it was not a UFO but a classified survailence air baloon that belonged to them. Now no one knows whats the truth. Did the police try to cover it up so that no one would worry about it? Or is it only fiction?

4.Not all of the islands in the Indian Ocean are inhabited now such as the Maldive islands.

5.имя заместителя директора школы?

6.In Ukraine, most of the women retire at the age of 60.

7.The Nauryz is a celabration of the Spring. It is celabrated on the 22 of March. It starts at sunrise. People greet each other with warm embraces. A good deal of food is prepared for theese days. It symbolises wealth. Everyone is excused from their jobs.

8. I think that it is gaining our independence. Ukraine had been under the reign of many diferent countries for a very long time. Now the country is able to grow and prosper into a great country.

9. Drawing is rather hard for me. Especially such a thing as a car. It has many diferent details that need to be drawn out well.

10. I will celabrate it on the (годовщина школи?)

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