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Do the class project: 1)Coose a book you would like to reccomend to your classmates. 2)Write a review of this book, following the plan and using the

language you need. 3)Practice its presentation at home. Написать примерно 10 предложений...не меньше!!!


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The Mark of Zorro

Johnson McCulley

A not About this story

Johnson McCulley  was born in Ottava, Illiois ,in the U.S.A..,on February 2nd,1883.He died in California,on November 23rd,1958.He wrote hundred of stories-detective stories,crime stories,mysteries,westerns.MC. wrote 64 stories about the masked hero ,Zorro.The first story was called the Curse of Capistrano and it was published in a magazine in 1919.in 1920,the movie actor Douglas Fairbanks read the story.He liked it very much.He made a movie-The Mark of Zorro-from the story.It was extremaly successful.The story was published again in 1924.This time,it was called The Mark of Zorro.Since 1920,many movies,Tv shows and cartoons have been made about Zorro.Two of the most popular were made in 1940 and 1998.

The Mark of Zorro takes place in California in about 1822.It is not a true story.At that time ,California was owned by Spain.It was not part of the U.S.A. until 1850.The Governor of California lived in Mexico City.At this time ,Los Angeles was small town.A governor in San Francisco looked after it.

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