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My favorite place is London Big Ben.

Most of the famous old buldings are north of the river.The houses of Parlament are in Westminster.They are the centre of the British government.People call the tall clock tower by the Houses of Parliament Big Ben.In fact,Big ben is the name of one of the bells.There are many government building in this area.Downing Street is nearby.The Prime Minister lives in number 10,Downing Street.


my favorite place.
I love Monaco. this place - a fairy tale. arriving there, and you rest your body and soul. Monaco - this is the place where dreams come true. magnificent scenery, good people, gardens, Grace Kelly = all this leads me into raptures. and so did not want to leave this place! Monaco - a city of entertainment, happy life, a celebration of life. Once visited Monaco nobody wants to be anywhere else! Monaco is fascinating. in him everything is fine = sea, gardens, birds, fountains, people living at the Monaco changed man! it is a popular place for poets, actors, playwrights, writers, and athletes. Why? Monaco - a place of inspiration. the writer will find here a theme for the story, the poet writes about an unforgettable charming stranger, actor Grace Kelly inspired way, the singer will devote serenade the rising sun.

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