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What the future will need to be foreseen. Science fiction writers differently describe the future. But in most cases they are similar in one: in the company of people there will be robots which will have an artificial intelligence, and people will start to move on other planets. It is possible, so it and will be. After all once people thought that the earth flat but when began to plow open spaces of the ocean and to open continents, understood that affairs is absolutely in a different way.

Over time people also will start to open new planets as once opened new continents. The person can't sit in place, it is directed in the future, before it still a set of secrets which to it should be opened.

Someone is afraid of the future as uncertainty always frightens. That nobody waits for the person through some hundreds years knows. A lot of things depends on the person, he creates history and builds the future. Probably, the most important consists in that people took care of the future for new generation that they shouldn't be suffered from diseases, shortage of food. We should care of the future, about in what condition mother Earth will get to our descendants.

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