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The composition on a theme "My first love".
  Many known people, such as: Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, Fonvizin and others, said that the love happens only once in life and only one. I don't agree with their point of view, why a little? It seems to me that love happens two: the first and last. Simply sometimes to people carries also these two loves at them merge in one.

  Certainly, all the childhood, for example, at once will start to remember a kindergarten. The first courtings, the first any exchanging of glances, the first unfortunate kisses, touches, embraces. But notice, at memory on it, on your persons there is only a smile, only kind grief that already it not to return, can be warm, but not feelings. I am assured that remembering this time, almost all will tell that it was not the love, and childishness, simply children's entertainments, hobbies and so on is simple.

  Further, it turns out, what our first love was not in a kindergarten, but then where? Can be at school? Here I think that at some people the opinion will change. But personally it seems to me, what exactly at school at us appears the first love. Yes-yes, the first true love. We spend with it most of all time, doing homework in продленке, we play in the street, we rage, we jump, we go for a drive on a swing. Then, the moment when nine or eleven classes behind, and it is necessary to be defined with the further study comes. If you haven't left the love before will leave by all means during this moment. Well, certainly to someone abruptly carries, and they arrive in one HIGH SCHOOL, college, university, or simply start to live together. Here at such people the first and last love in a single whole, in the one third little man also merges.

  But at others in another way, having endured parting, we exist further, we work, someone studies, and gradually we forget a pain which was brought by our first love. Such moment also will sometime come. That you will remember about it with the same feelings as remembered the hobbies in a kindergarten, will name it too the next hobby or in general soon will forget. After all life will proceed, will please more high points, other things, people, persons will be surprised.
At last, such day when you will meet her will come is the last love. It will come unexpectedly, негаданно. It will be a riddle, it isn't solved. In the ends, you we will be given to it completely, the charter from long loneliness which has taught us to love, we will present love so much feelings that it won't have more exit, except how to love us. Further, it will outgrow in wedding, in small namesakes, a heap of toys and a happy old age.

  Here see, life – a difficult piece, at someone the love will be unique, and someone should bear much before to meet her. At each person the destiny develops absolutely differently, after all there are no absolutely identical people, as well as there are no absolutely identical destinies.

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Alcoholism - a problem not only teenagers, but entire generations.These days, drinking alcohol has passed a series of bad habits in the ordinary way to relax and have fun.

Drug abuse. Another equally important issue of youth in the English language is the use of drugs. Becoming an addict is easy, once you try it, but return to normal life almost impossible, and it is only a fewpossible as an exception.

Uncontrolled sexual behavior and teenage pregnancy. A third of the global problem of youth are on the promiscuity and the ensuingconsequences, namely teenage pregnancy. The first is very common in recent years not only lead to the birth of an unplanned child, but also to getting the disease, sexually transmitted.

This, of course, not all the problems of youth in the English language.Their mass. But to cope with them and help your child-teen to choose the right path in life, remember that you need to be sensitive to his needs and desires, because at that age for them is much more important than the approval of parents and teachers, and the authority of friends and colleagues.

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