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My friend call Taras.
It arrived from Cameroon because even earlier there left his mother.
Then it returned. Already together with it.

I very much want to be similar to Taras.
He is able to play a balalaika and different national tools of Africa.
Taras very talented. I would tell that it abrupt.

Taras - the blonde. But it very clever.
Once I asked (and) it, how many will be 123454321 multiplied on 78634610, and he right there answered.
But I didn't remember (and).

Still Taras very well plays underwater cards and desktop chess.
It runs a hundred-meter race on stilts in only five minutes.

And on birthday Taras presented to me a cane cat of Kuzyu.
This is my most favourite cane cat.

Thanks to you, Taras that you is.
Come back from Biryulyovo somewhat quicker!

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