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написать сочинение на тему поведение в сложных жизненных ситуациях


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The person comes to this world for love and good. In life to be led up to meet to us beauty and meanness, pleasure and a grief, in its spiritual life there are hours of a celebration and hours of suffering. The soul is shaken by all-consuming love and feelings of foulness. There are such turns and combination of circumstances when life of many people depends on a right choice of behavior. And to make a right choice, it is necessary to know about fundamental laws of development of the nature, society, thinking. And to think of life and its laws and not only under drama circumstances.

What directs the world? That, as the person, as it – a small segment of the Universe. All actions and thoughts of the person need and expediency direct. It does everything to answer the purpose and reach a goal. But also accident sometimes introduces the amendments. The world would become much better, if it was occupied by people clever, intelligent in which hearts would be full of love. Love to life, to the nature, to the near. As clever, but the heartless person is a mechanism which will bring to nobody happiness. And statement: «It is better to love more and to understand less, than to understand much and not to love at all» I consider correct and fair. It is necessary to live, work, use with advantage the material and spiritual benefits, to learn, think, reflect. As life is a knowledge of the world.

Life goes on a planet a measured step. On this way of people meets light and darkness, it is shrouded by cold and heat, strikes dullness, grasps creativity. To transfer vital difficulties and to share pleasure our family and friends helped us. As it is wonderful, when they nearby when can support or be glad for you.

And when they aren't present? I remember that under inconvenient circumstances when close people wasn't near, I a mind went at the time of the childhood, remembered, how heavy minutes parents supported me, friends and when I mentally will talk to them gave the helping hand, I will feel their love and care, comes the correct decision is unique. In my opinion, in difficult life experiences of the person support and console, the native earth, the homeland, the house, loyal friends helps to transfer defeats. It was felt by Vlas when after unsuccessfully handed over examination contrary to earlier accepted decision is going to come back home.

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